What is Microsoft word?

Microsoft Word is really a great product released by the Microsoft company in 1989. In its beginnings as a simple word processor but today it has become the most indispensable tools for millions of people around the world.

This software has made the lives of writers, professionals and students much more productive. New features make this word processor the easiest to use.

What is MicroSoft Word?

Clearly we can say that Word is a computer software developed by the microsoft company to create and format digital text. It incorporates intelligent spelling, grammar and style correction tools. belongs to the office program group called Microsoft Office.

A little bit of the history of this important program is that it was born first for IBM computers and was developed by American programmers Richard Brodie and Charles Simonyi for the DOS operating system in 1983. But it is until 1989 that the first version of word for Microsoft was released.

It began to get to know each other with the launch of Windows 3.0 in 1990. Over the years microsoft has been incorporating improvements to make it easier to make use of this tool.

Today it is considered Word as the best known word processor in the world. Current versions are Microsoft Office Word 2016 for Windows and Microsoft Office Word 2016 for Mac.  and as we mentioned earlier is a component of the office suite.

What is Word for?

By making daily use of this word processor we can affirm that MicroSoft Word with the set of tools that it incorporates serves to create texts in an easy and orderly way helping you with its spelling checker and grammatical tools. we share the most common documents you can make:

  1. Personal letters
  2. Reports
  3. News
  4. Monographs
  5. Thesis
  6. Articles
  7. Resume
  8. EBook or ebook
  9. Memorandum
  10. Course certificate
  11. Annual reports
  12. Contracts
  13. Invitation Cards
  14. HTML documents
  15. Image Album
  16. Product price lists
  17. Customer lists
  18. Reading digital documents
  19. Print documents
  20.  Research work

In its current version it is used to make the full translation of documents into different languages. Using the Quick Styles and Document Themes features, you can quickly modify the appearance of text, tables, and graphics throughout the document to match the style or color scheme you want.

Advantages of using the Ms Word Program

We can find countless benefits by making use of this software in creating our content. We can review each of the benefits to gain a greater understanding of what we can achieve.

  1. Final Document will be presentable and uniform
  2. Unique typeface throughout the document
  3. Accurate content index detail.
  4. Exact numbering of each page of the document
  5. Exact margins on all pages of the document
  6. Researching a topic and searching for reliable sources
  7. Track changes
  8. Share a document with a colleague or friend to work together
  9. Enables cloud data storage via OneDrive
  10. You can use the Doubt Search Engine.

What is the Word work desk like?

We talked up to this point about generalities of the program now we will show you the work desktop that microsoft uses to unify each of the editing tools.

Once you enter the program shows you the starting area where you can select from the different templates so that you can create your texts you have 11 options in the workbar that you can access. according to the image

The workbar has nine tabs each with the amount of tools to give full formatting to your document let’s see what they are:

Home: Here we find all the options for editing the text between them (cut, paste, font, alignment, styles and editing)

Insert: As the name implies, it allows you to insert elements in our document such as Tables, Illustrations, Add-ons, Multimedia, Links, Comments, Header and Footer, texts and symbols.

Layout: Includes the elements to format the documents and page background

Page layout: Allows you to set up the page, paragraphs and organize the text

References: Allows you to add tables of contents, footnotes, bibliographic citations, title, index, authority tables to the text

Correspondence: Allows you to create, merge, type and insert fields, preview results and finish.

Review: One of the most important tools helps in the complete review of the documents in the aspects (Orthography and Grammar, Language, Comments, Tracking, Changes, Compare and Protect) Word checks spelling and grammar as you type. When these features are enabled, the misspelled word is underlined with wavy red and green lines.

View: This option is intended for document reading, it incorporates the options for views, display, zoom, window, and macros.

What File Format does Word use?

When saving our documents most of us click on the option Files – Save As: We indicate the name of the file and see how word adds at the end some the letters doc or docx. This is known as an extension that indicates the format used by word for your text files.

Microsoft Word customization?

Most Word features can be turned on or off from the ‘Tools’ menu. From this menu, the command (options) brings a multi-tab screen where you can make all kinds of changes to Word behavior. The ‘Customize’ command allows you to change Word menus and toolbars.

What is microsoft Word and what it serves

Microsoft Word Initial Release Date: 1983

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We have seen how Microsoft Word computer software has increased productivity.  Word is one of these programs that allows you to process texts in an easy and orderly way by means of its tools.

Over the years the Microsoft company has managed to perfect this software for millions of people’ use.  There are many benefits of Microsoft Word by making it easier to create and edit text. For this reason it has become an indispensable tool for any person or institution to this day..

¿Qué es Microsoft word y para que sirve?
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¿Qué es Microsoft word y para que sirve?
Word es un software informático desarrollado por la empresa microsoft para la crear y dar formato al texto digital. Incorpora herramientas inteligentes de corrección de ortografía, gramática y estilo.
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